It was supposed to be Stark Park! idi in Pbramska escaped from an accident, then fell into a tree

A police officer in Pbramsk had to avoid a dangerous car accident on the weekend. There, two idiots in Audi cars collided, one started to run away, the other chased him, and the first of them crashed into a tree and had to be extricated from the wrecked car. According to Expres information, this is the controversial businessman Robert Hrabho, who was close to the murderous underworld boss Frantik Mrzko and cooperates with the Pbram businessman Jaroslav Starka. In the past, he was arrested several times.

The accident happened on the road between the villages of Rosovice and Kotenice in Pbramsko. Audis were rubbing their mirrors against each other, one of the people wanted to stop and go, but the other started to go.

The fifty-nine-year-old driver of the Audi A8 car did not stop after the accident with the Audi A6 car and drove away, but the fifty-one-year-old driver of the second car turned in the opposite direction and followed him. According to his words, the car clicked on the road as it passed and then hit a tree, said police officer Vlasta Suchnkov for the local website

Vn accident in Pbramsko. The car was owned by entrepreneur Robert Hrab.

The car with the tree was out, the car ended up on its side and the passer-by was trapped in it. When the police released him, they asked him to submit to a breathalyzer test, which he refused, so he ended up in the hospital.

As found out, behind the wheel was to be a well-known personality of the Prague business environment. And that is Robert Hrab (59), who is said to be close to the well-known businessman Jaroslav Starek.

Vn accident in Pbramsko. The car was owned by entrepreneur Robert Hrab.

Hrab was a well-known figure in the 1990s, later appearing in Kubice’s famous First. During the hearing, he was supposed to reveal to the police that the people around Prime Minister Jiho Paroubek, who was later reduced to ashes, were behind the murder of Czech underworld boss Frantik Mrzek.

The last time Hrab had trouble with the police was in 2016, when he died in custody.

Vn accident in Pbramsko. The car was owned by entrepreneur Robert Hrab.

He was charged with the criminal offense of extortion, illegal possession of weapons, dangerous threats and dangerous stalking, police officer Monika Schindlov said at the time.

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