It is allowed to mobilize those convicted of murder and drugs. “Paper”

On Friday, November 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing the mobilization of Russians with unexpunged or outstanding convictions for serious crimes. Document published on the official portal of legal information.

Exceptions are those convicted in cases of pedophilia, treason, espionage, seizure of power, a terrorist act (including international), hostage-taking, participation in an illegal armed formation, hijacking an aircraft, illegal handling or theft of nuclear materials, inciting hatred and attacking persons under international protection.

In theory, now they can mobilize conditionally convicted or recently released from colonies citizens, that is, hundreds of thousands of people, notes BBC Russian Service. Previously, they were forbidden to serve in the army.

Under the mobilization now fall, in particular, those convicted of drug trafficking, murder, theft, as well as desertion and non-compliance with orders.

On Friday, Putin also signed the following laws:

  • Establishing the procedure for passing alternative civilian service during the period of mobilization. Now, citizens undergoing ACS in the organizations of the RF Armed Forces, during mobilization, can be sent to the positions of civilian personnel of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, other troops, military formations, bodies and special forces. That is, they will not be sent to the war zone. Those who pass the ACS in other organizations will be redirected to the ACS in the army.
  • On the status of volunteer formations assisting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as well as their members. Volunteers are now legally equated with contract servicemen. The amendments spell out the procedure for citizens to join such formations.
  • About the period of conscript service. Now this period is included in the length of service for early retirement.

The human rights organization Call to Conscience believes that the adoption of the law on the legalization of the mobilization of convicts is a sign that mobilization will continue in the future.

Previously “Layout” with reference to sources wrotethat the “second wave” of mobilization will begin after the autumn draft. According to the publication, authorities and state-owned companies are preparing for it. Prior to this, Vladimir Putin declaredthat will not sign a decree to complete the mobilization.

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