It became known what kind of help Alla Pugacheva will receive from the Israeli authorities

The singer has already obtained Israeli citizenship for herself and her children. This status allows you to receive some payments from the Middle Eastern state. In this country, it is not forbidden to have dual citizenship, and there is no need to refuse Russian passports.

It turned out that Alla Pugacheva applied for citizenship in the spring of this year. This was achieved thanks to the repatriation program, in which Maxim Galkin took part (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation). Thus, his entire family also received the right to receive the status of an Israeli citizen. At the same time, each of them is entitled to financial support.

Alla Pugacheva with her husband and children, photo of the social network

For the first six months, everyone will receive payments in the amount of 45,000 rubles, lawyer Andrey Alyoshkin said. In general, the whole family of Alla Borisovna will receive about a million rubles free of charge. Previously, the humorist lost almost all sources of income after leaving Russia.

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