Issov about Ondek: When David was packing, he told me that we would live together

Martha Issov (41) shone in the role of Dana Ztopkov in the sleepy film Ztopek, which was appreciated by critics and audiences in cinemas and at festivals. After the two-part film Dukla 61 lo, in which she played one of the central roles, this is another excellent collaboration with her husband, director David Ondek (53). Therefore, ask yourself if and what else you are planning to do in tandem.

We don’t plan anything together right now, let’s plan whenever we can. Everything I’m going to do for you is on such a level that there’s not much to say about it, Martha Issov told them.

Every day I have a connection to it. Because I never thought that I would want something like that, added the actress.

Even when we started working together, I was joking about it, because when David was packing, he said that it would be great if we worked together, smiled Issov at the press conference of ESK television, where David Ondek, his manager, was also present.

Then they didn’t say anything for a long time and she joked again and said: When you catch a bird, sing to it, she added that although she was joking, she definitely did not push the saw.

David Ondek with Martha Issova and Vclav Neuil

I didn’t want it to spoil the beauty we have between us, sila is an actress.

The star of the film Ztopek is immensely grateful that she was able to play this role in the first place. Thanks to this, she met the great sportswoman Dana Ztopková and had a dreamy moment that she will never forget.

She was an admirable woman with a surprisingly dark sense of humor. This surprised me quite a bit, because I had her fixed mainly as a sleeping athlete and I would never tell her, added Issov, who celebrated Ztopková’s 97th birthday.

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