Is this new girl growing in love? Kuchaov set out with Lili on a sacred journey to Bhtn

Tana Kuchaov set out on a trip to Bhtn, the company j dl Lilia Khousnoutdinova. He is not used to being associated with questions, although Kuchaov is known for his love of travel and a healthy lifestyle, but few would expect him to go straight to the temple and put on a local costume.

It happened, and Kuchaov can’t praise Bhtna for the time being. It may not have been the right time after the late local shit, but otherwise the model can’t take pictures of her children on Instagram. She called you caterpillars with mushrooms, which should be eaten especially. And of course, I can’t even take two selfies.

That Lilia is completely free in Bhtno, she has been there at least ten times. He and Karl Janek didn’t even dare to fight the thotenstv in Bhtno. Lilia first got married when she was Karl’s first-paid model Mariam Mhadhbi. Back then, Karel Janeek was a bigamist, but that doesn’t apply today.

I have those half-terms, where many years old vc are brought up, such as pluralism, which Karel has not paid for a long time. We’ve been in a happy monogamous relationship for years, and it’s completely wrong of me to keep bringing it up. It’s not fair to our children, think Khousnoutdinov.

Mhadhbi herself has a son Yanis with Janek.

My feeling is that Karel professes bigamy, not polyamory, that is, he tries to have two completely equal relationships. I don’t know if it’s real. And I know that at the moment he is not even trying to give a day to the relationship, because I have enough work with the two of them, with pride one, stated Lilia jet in 2017 for iDNES.

Tana Kuchaov is in Bhtn.

She got along with Tana, not long ago both houses were seen together at the Dechen & The Jewel Ensemble concert, and at the beginning of the year they took photos together for the Ecstatic Fashion label.

Recently, Khousnoutdinova has been seen in photos in the company of celebrities, she recently shared a photo with Simona Krainová, with whom she was discussing a new hotel business.

Who cares if he doesn’t come up with something soon with Tana, she dabbles in esotericism, alternative medicine and magic here and there. Shortly after the breakup of her marriage with Ondej Brzobohat, the model let herself be ringed with wild cards, so she has her own collection of excellent necklaces, which are marked by acres.

Simona Krainov and Karel Vgner married with Karel Janek and model Lili.

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