Is Hájek missing in Malaysia? The wife spoke. He was cheating on her with her best friend

Jumper Antonín Hájek is currently missing. The police have been looking for him since October 2, and there is speculation that he disappeared in Malaysia. His ex-wife Veronika Hájková told Blesk that she broke up with him when she found out he was cheating on her. But the biggest surprise was that he looked out for her friend and his ten years younger ward, Karolína Indráčková. At the same time, she always sang the praises of Hájko’s wife, who makes a living as a physiotherapist.

“She radiates positive energy and is always smiling. When we are in various gloomy moods, he can pull us out of them.” Indráčková stated earlier on her address for the association’s website. Now they are not having fun, Indráčková finished in 28th place at the Olympics in Beijing, which she also owes to Hájk. But it is not known whether she traveled to Malaysia with him.

Hájková married Hájko in 2019 and they spent five years together. They separated in March this year, and the divorce was supposed to be finalized in September.

Hájek attracted trouble already during his jumping career. In 2008, he missed a turn and if he hadn’t called for help, he might not be alive. He had to undergo pelvic surgery and had internal bleeding.

Then, at the age of 28, he suddenly decided to end his career. There was a lot of speculation about the reason, it was supposed to be problems with life management, which caused the others to lose their temper with Hájke.

Antonín Hájek fought for his life.

It is not known what happened to him and whether he is among the living. But sometimes there are reports of missing tourists in Malaysia from all over the world.

“The representative office in Kuala Lumpur is currently dealing with the case of a missing Czech citizen in the area of ​​the Malaysian island of Langkawi,” Mariana Wernerová from the ministry’s press department confirmed to iSport daily. But it follows from her statement that they are looking for one person.

The Expres editorial team approached Karolína Indráčková with a request for a statement about what is going on with Hájek, but neither his closest relatives nor his family should have any idea.

Karolína Indráčková was supposed to help Hájko get a divorce.

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