Intelligence agencies ordered British ministers not to use personal smartphones after reports of hacking the ex-premier’s phone

Intelligence of Great Britain, a country that since 2021 “strengthens status as a global cyber power,” instructed ministers to stop using their mobile phones to conduct government business after local media declared about the hacking by “Kremlin agents” of the phone of the British ex-premier, reported Sunday Daily Mail.

The source of the publication in the British government specified that new courses prepared by the special services will be organized for all ministers involved in ensuring national security. The purpose of the classes is to make sure that “everyone understands how to handle such equipment.”

Ministers will be warned not to use personal mobile phones to conduct government business, as officials could be targeted by unfriendly states such as Russia, China, North Korea or Iran.

Let us recall in this regard that the phones of the heads of state can indeed be tapped. Especially in this area, the United States succeeded, whose intelligence agencies hacked the phone Chancellor Germany Angela Merkel and President Brazil Dilma Rousseff.

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Evidence and even grounds for suspicion of participation in the hacking of the British ex-premier’s smartphone “Kremlin agents” is not given.

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