In the Moscow region, it is planned to connect military registration and enlistment offices to the databases of the registry office, GAS “Vybory” and the Federal Tax Service

A pilot project to connect the Gorizont-MR automated data system about citizens, which is used by military registration and enlistment offices, to databases of other structures, in particular, the state automated system (GAS) Elections, the Federal Tax Service and the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, will start “in the near future” in the Moscow region , said the military commissar of the Moscow region Alexei Astakhov during a round table in the Federation Council “Digital transformation of military commissariats”, writes RBC on Tuesday.

Combining information from various databases is necessary to update data in Horizon-MR: outdated information about citizens in this system has caused numerous errors in the process partial mobilizationnoted during the event.

The project will be led by Minister of Digital Development Maksut Shadayev, the report said.

Also on the round table discussed topics of the security of storing electronic personal data of citizens, the equipment of military registration and enlistment offices with the necessary technical means, staffing with trained specialists.

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Recallin early October, a service was launched on the unified portal of public services (EPGU) for appealing an erroneous decision on mobilization. As reported Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko at a meeting to inform citizens on issues of partial mobilization, over the past week, EPGU received about two thousand appeals to appeal against the draft, and in total, more than 22 thousand of them were filed during the operation of the service.

Information on the autumn conscription, which started on November 1, can be obtained from the hotline 122 and official resources “Explaining.rf,” he added.

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