In the Leningrad region can introduce “labor mobilization” of students?. “Paper”

The authorities of the Leningrad region are allegedly considering the possibility of organizing a “labor mobilization” of students, Izvestia reported. “Paper” The regional government said there were no such plans.

What is labor mobilization? October 19 in the Kemerovo region started a program that the local authorities called “labor mobilization”. According to it, students of universities and colleges temporarily take the jobs of residents of the region, called up for war during mobilization.

What do Izvestia write. “News” reportedthat the authorities of several regions, including the Leningrad and Kursk regions, are considering the experience of Kuzbass. The publication cites the response of the press service of the administration of the Leningrad region – they allegedly said that they were ready “to consider such an experience of colleagues from other regions in relation to institutions of secondary vocational education”,

What did the government of the Leningrad region say. “Paper” in the press service of the administration of the Leningrad region, when asked about plans to introduce “labor mobilization”, they said that now “nothing is being considered in a practical plane.” “The Education Committee simply confirmed that it is aware of the initiative of colleagues from Kuzbass,” they said. “Paper” in the press office.

Similar information press service leads in your telegram channel. “There are no plans for labor mobilization of students in the Leningrad region. The region is ready to consider similar experience of colleagues from other subjects, but at present there is no need for this, ”the message says. The information of Izvestia was called unreliable by the government of the region.

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Cover photo: government of the Leningrad region

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