In St. Petersburg, they plan to increase the cost of travel in public transport. Traveling in the metro along the “Podorozhnik” can now cost 49 rubles

The Committee for Transport of St. Petersburg plans to increase the fare in public transport. About it informed Fontanka, citing a source in the committee.

How prices may change:

  • A one-time trip in the metro will rise in price from 65 to 70 rubles, in land transport – from 60 to 65 rubles.
  • Traveling with the Plantain transport card in the metro will cost 49 rubles (instead of 45 rubles), on land transport – 44 rubles (instead of 40 rubles).
  • The price of a transfer along the Plantain within an hour will be the previous 10 rubles, the subsequent ones will also remain free.
  • A single travel card for an hour and a half will cost 6 rubles more – 78 rubles.
  • Prices for a monthly single pass for all types of transport will be raised from 3,385 to 3,665 rubles, combined for ground transport – from 2,282 to 2,470 rubles, bus – from 1,815 to 1,965 rubles, for the metro – from 2,495 to 2,799 rubles.
  • Personalized student tickets will cost 655 rubles (land transport) and 740 rubles (metro).

What else is known about innovations in transport. In the spring, transport reform began in St. Petersburg, which was divided into several stages. Because of this, commercial routes completely disappeared from city streets.

Citizens repeatedly complained on innovations, and in the summer in the city burned down five new buses purchased specifically for the reform. Later, in Smolny, they answered that they could not “preserve the transport habits” of St. Petersburg residents.

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