In St. Petersburg, the criminal prosecution of activist Ilshat Nafikov was stopped. He was in the case of false mining

The Investigative Committee of St. Petersburg stopped the criminal prosecution of activist Ilshat Nafikov. He was involved in the case of false mining (part 2 of article 207 of the Criminal Code). This is reported by the human rights project “OVD-Info” with reference to Nafikov’s lawyer Sergei Podolsky.

The decision to stop the persecution was dated July 2, but Nafikov and Podolsky found out about this only on December 12.

What case are you talking about. In early March, Nafikov and other activists detained after searches. The investigation accused Nafikov of allegedly reporting by phone about the mining of a building on the Obvodny Canal on March 1.

After the detention, Nafikov was taken to a temporary detention center, and a lawyer was not allowed to see him. The activist was released only on the evening of March 7, he remained in the status of a suspect.

In August in relation to Lelya Nordik stopped prosecution in the same case. Later investigation also not found evidence of the involvement of Maria Malysheva.

The status of other activists is unknown.

What is known about falsehood. Previously “Paper” figured outthat in St. Petersburg, the security forces massively accused activists of telephone terrorism against the backdrop of protests in 2021 and 2022.

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