In St. Petersburg, less than 350 cases of coronavirus infection were detected – for the first time since mid-July

Over the past day, 349 cases of coronavirus have been detected in St. Petersburg. About it reported at the infection control headquarters. This figure is recorded for the first time since July 15 – then the number of infected citizens was 329, follows from the data on the website.

In Russia, 4,566 cases of the disease were detected yesterday – judging by the data provided by the headquarters, this is the lowest number since July 19. The leaders in the number of cases of infection were Moscow (402 people), Sverdlovsk region (389) and St. Petersburg.

What you need to know. In September, an increase in cases was recorded, and in October their number began to decline. About how the rates of morbidity, hospitalizations and deaths have changed during the pandemic, we showed on our charts.

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