In St. Petersburg, an “underground” exhibition “Link of Times” is being held. “Paper”

In St. Petersburg, since September, the “underground” exhibition “The Link of Times” has been operating, in the creation of which the parents of Yuli Boyarshinov, convicted in the case of the Network recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia, participated.

The exhibition is dedicated to political prisoners, some of the work they did themselves from improvised means while in pre-trial detention centers and colonies. The space also hosts poetry evenings and art therapy sessions with the creation of postcards for political prisoners.

“Paper” visited the “Link of Times” and shows how the exhibition works.

The “underground” exhibition opened in September in a private space. The organizers have already planned several times to close it, but people keep coming. “We didn’t think she would last that long. On Saturday, even a poetry evening is planned, ”said “Paper” Nikolai Boyarshinov, father of Yuliy Boyarshinov, defendant in the Network case.

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