In St. Petersburg, a public collection was announced to pay the fine of Irina Kustova. “Paper”

Head of the Teachers’ Alliance Daniel Ken announced public collection of money to pay the fine of Petersburger Irina Kustova. Previously, she was fined under the article “on discrediting the army” for listening to anti-war songs.

Why was the woman fined? spring on the internet got viral a video in which a policeman climbs onto a balcony because of anti-war songs in a St. Petersburg apartment. The description said that on May 9, a Petersburger (she turned out to be Irina Kustova) turned on “the whole street an audio that tells about the atrocities of Russian soldiers in Ukraine”, later – songs by Vladimir Vysotsky.

The police arrived at the scene almost immediately. One of the law enforcement officers climbed onto the woman’s balcony and started kicking the door to the apartment.

How things went. Later Kirovsky Court in St. Petersburg fined Kustov for 50 thousand rubles – the maximum punishment under the first part of the article of the article on “discrediting”. According to investigators, on May 9, a woman put a speaker on the windowsill of her apartment on Dachny Prospekt, opened the window and “intentionally, in order to express her personal opinion” about Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, turned on an audio recording with phrases “aimed at discrediting the use of the RF Armed Forces.”

During the trial, Kustova pleaded guilty. As the woman said, she did not know that military songs would be played in the included video. The recording, which “discredited the honor and dignity” of the Russian military, the St. Petersburg woman did not turn off, because she was confused and decided to listen to it.

According to the woman, she did not know about the administrative responsibility for watching the video. She also didn’t open the balcony door because she mistook the policeman for a drunk neighbor.

Why was the collection announced? By words Kena, Kustova – “a middle-aged man, and she has no money at all.” The public collection was made on the account of the ex-deputy of the Svetlanovskoye municipality.

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