In bars on Rubinshtein – searches. “Paper”

Since the early morning of November 8, police officers have been conducting more than 50 searches in bars on Rubinstein Street and in the apartments of their employees. About it informs 47news. According to the publication, the searches are being carried out in the case of fraud on a large and especially large scale.

What are restaurateurs suspected of? According to investigators, in the network of bars on Rubinshtein for several years they deceived customers according to the same scheme, writes 47news. A girl sat down to the men and asked to treat her. After that, the client was given a terminal for payment, but they wrote off a large amount of the amount that he spent.

Also in these establishments used counterfeit alcohol. By data “Mash on the Moika”, alcoholic drinks were made in the Kalininsky district.

Which establishments are suspect. Mash on the Moika writes that Vice City, White Point, Perestroika and Nau bars, Noir, RS20, Apron restaurants, Iskra pizzeria, and the Provocateur strip club are involved in the case.

What do you know about these establishments? Bars and restaurants, where, presumably, they deceived customers, belong to the same company – LLC “Bar-Group” Dmitry Kutsenko and Nikolai Abrosimov, follows from data Focus Contour.

Young people told in an interview with that they came to St. Petersburg from Surgut. In 2021 they started rent premises on Rubinstein, vacated after the tenants left, and open their own bars there. At the same time, they often did not even change the names and interior of the establishments, which the former tenants complained about.

Fontanka, citing sources wrotethat Kutsenko and Abrosimov offered rental amounts above the market, and investors from the “oil region” helped them.

Fraud in bars and restaurants helped to hide the restaurateur and leader of the “QR-resistance” Alexander Konovalov, who located in jail on a bribery case. About it informs “Mash on the Moika”.

At the beginning of 2021 Konovalov called himself a partner of the Bar Group and did not hide the fact that he provides legal services to institutions.

“Business Petersburg” wrotethat Konovalov is a former detective of the criminal investigation department of the 28th department of the Central Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg. Previously, according to the newspaper, he helped street vendors evade inspections.

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