In 2022, at least 700 thousand Russians left for other countries for a long time. “Paper”

In early November, the FSB reportedthat from July to September, Russians traveled abroad 9.7 million times. However, it is impossible to judge how many Russians emigrated during the war based on these data: many went on vacation or on business trips, and then returned. In addition, it is known about the return of people who wanted to emigrate permanently.

“Paper” studied the statistics and found out how many Russians did not return to their homeland during the war, how many of them lived in other countries for more than two weeks, and how many people bought foreign real estate.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, more than 150 thousand Russians have settled in Georgia and Armenia, found out “Paper”. More than 90 thousand more entered Kazakhstan after mobilization and did not leave after a month, and 500 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation lived in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan for more than two weeks. In total, more than 700 thousand Russians left for other countries for a long time.

Georgia. From January to the end of September, 112.7 thousand Russians remained to live in the country – statistics in early October published local Ministry of Internal Affairs in response to a request from MP Levan Karumidze. In total, 3.69 million people live in Georgia – the number of Russians who moved in 2022 is 3% of the country’s population.

Previously in the Ministry of Internal Affairs reportedthat more than 1 million Russians crossed the Georgian border. That is, approximately 90% of the inhabitants of Russia, after entering Georgia, went to other countries or returned home.

Armenia. AT 42 thousand citizens of Russia remained to live in the country, should from the response of the employees of the migration service of Armenia to the request of RBC. According to them, from January to the end of October, 786 thousand Russians crossed the border, of which 744 thousand left the country – about 94% of all those who crossed the border.

How noted According to the Committee of Tourism of Armenia, Russians came to the country more often than other foreigners: they made up 46% of all tourists. According to the migration service of Armenia, over the past months of 2022, 2.5 times more Russians remained in the country than in the whole of 2021.

Kyrgyzstan. By the end of October, about 30 thousand Russians remained in the country, should from the words of the Minister of Labor, Social Security and Migration of Kyrgyzstan Kudaibergen Bazarbaev. He said that 760,000 Russians arrived in the country in 2022, of which 730,000 left.

More than 30 days in the country were about 170 thousand Russians. By data authorities of Kyrgyzstan, just as many citizens of the Russian Federation from March to the end of September registered at their place of residence – this is necessary in order to extend the period of residence in the country for another six months.

By September 2022, 603 Russians received citizenship of Kyrgyzstan, told Nursultan Sadyrbekov, Director of the Department of Population Registration under the Ministry of Digital Development of the country. The majority are ethnic Kyrgyz and natives of the country. In total, more than 1.6 thousand Russians applied for citizenship, which is four times more than in the same period of 2021 (385 people).

Uzbekistan. 318,000 Russians stayed in the country for more than 15 days during 2022, calculated "Paper". By data authorities of Uzbekistan, in just a year 395 thousand residents of Russia entered there, 80.5% of them registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs - this is necessary when living in the country for more than 15 days. However, how many people left after that is unknown.

Only 475 Russians remain in the country for permanent residence, should from the statistics of the State Committee for January-September. This may mean that most of those who registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs left the country without having been there for 60 days. At the same time, about 70 thousand Russians opened bank accounts in Uzbekistan - perhaps this is due to "card tourism".

Kazakhstan. A month after the mobilization that began in Russia on September 21, about 92,000 Russians remained in Kazakhstan, calculated local edition Orda on October 21, based on data from the External Migration Department of Kazakhstan. The department inspector reported that 266,000 Russian citizens arrived in the country in a month, 174,000 left the republic.

How many Russians moved to Kazakhstan after the start of the war in Ukraine is unknown. How reported in the committee of the migration service of the local Ministry of Internal Affairs, since the beginning of 2022, a total of 1.66 million Russians have crossed the Kazakh border. How many of them went back is not specified.

It is known that the flow of Russians increased in autumn - from September 21 to October 3, 200,000 Russians crossed the Kazakh border, reported MIA. October 18 Minister of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Marat Akhmetzhanov told about negative migration: 8-9 thousand Russians arrived in the country daily, and 10-11 thousand left.

Total "Paper" based on statistics, counted more than 1.3 million entries of Russians to European countries. However, how many citizens of the Russian Federation remained there is unknown.

European countries. By data European agency for the security of external borders Frontex, most Russians have arrived since the beginning of the war:

  • to Finland - at least 513 thousand people who had visas;
  • more than 364,000 Russians with visas to Lithuania (189,000 came from Belarus, another 175,000 from Kaliningrad);
  • to Estonia - 353 thousand people with visas.

About 67,000 more Russians arrived in Poland and Latvia, where visas are also required. Norway became the least popular destination, only 13.6 thousand Russians got there.

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"Tens of thousands" of engineers, programmers, entrepreneurs, scientists and artists from Russia moved to Serbia, where a visa is not needed, wrote The Wall Street Journal, citing government data. 1.5 thousand Russians, according to the publication, have registered a business in Serbia.

About 26 thousand more ethnic Jews repatriated from Russia to Israel from the beginning of the war in Ukraine to mid-October. 35,000 Russians said they plan to do so in the future. I'm in this helps Jewish agency "Sokhnut".

Analytics. Demographer Alexey Raksha told publication "Agency" that, according to his calculations based on the statistics of the host countries, in the first 40 days of mobilization, the number of Russians who left for good reached 250-300 thousand.

Raksha expects that in November and December the number of Russians leaving will decrease, but 100-150 thousand people will still leave the country. In this case, the demographer says, 600,000 people will leave Russia in the whole of 2022, including 150,000 people from the spring wave of emigration. About the latest spoke migration researcher Julia Florinskaya.

At the same time, Florinskaya believes that in total 300-400 thousand citizens will leave Russia in 2022. She admits that some will still come back.

Who is leaving. Mostly men aged 20 to 35 emigrate. According to Raksha, by the end of 2022, 3% of men of this age may leave Russia and not return to the country - this is about 405 thousand people. This is confirmed by the professor of the Department of Economic and Social Geography of Russia of the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University Natalia Zubarevich.

In 2022, the Russians bought more than 10 thousand properties in Turkey, Georgia and Thailand. Forbes pointed outthat citizens of the Russian Federation began to actively buy housing in Turkey and Thailand from the beginning of the war. Experts from overseas real estate companies explained this by the possibility of obtaining a residence permit, formed by Russian communities and the absence of problems with money transfers.

Thailand. How should According to data from the portal, in the first three months of 2022, Russians bought 134 properties. As a result, demand has more than quadrupled, told Forbes President of AREA Nikolai Vinidiktov. There are no exact data yet.

Georgia. Russian citizens bought almost 3,000 apartments and 37.9 hectares of land in the country. it should from the state register data provided to Batumelebi. It is known that about 2.5 thousand Russians bought apartments, and 252 people bought land.

Turkey. The number of real estate purchases by Russians in the country has doubled since the beginning of the war, follows from data Turkish Institute of Statistics. Most of the houses were bought by Russian citizens in June (almost 1.9 thousand properties). On average, after the start of the war, Russians buy 1.2 thousand Turkish apartments and houses per month.

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