I’m the pekaka j! Don’t forget how many kilos of sugar Nvltov baked for her brand!

When I was a little girl, I often stood with my mother at the kitchen line and danced with her. I was involved and learned a lot from her. I’ve always looked forward to Easter and Christmas, and we’ll be late again silk Kamila Nvltov in his new book, which was honored by his good friends Martina Prtlov and Leona Machlkov.

During the pandemic, when, like many other artists, she could not perform and sing, an idea was born in her head. I thought, what if I baked sugar to order this year, revealed Zvvaka, who decided to continue the family tradition, when she also took 50 kilograms of sugar to Prague, which was baked by her grandmother from Podkrkono.

I’ll try to stock up on my products and see if someone gets in touch with you. said Kamila, as the orders kept pouring in.

At that time, my colleagues from the gate helped me a lot, who advertised for me on Instagram. I had eight types of classics on offer, besides me, the whole family joined in the fun, including my husband and aunt, she added that orders for 206 kilos of sugar were sent that year.

Kuchaka Kamila Nvltov was honored by Martina Prtlov and Leona Machlkov.

The first year she tried to see if there would be a demand for sweets, and the following year she had twice as many orders. It’s no wonder that she and her family have managed to produce tons of candy in recent years!

The advent of sugar that year started my baking career because I discovered how much I enjoyed it. I loved the feeling when my friends wrote to me how they liked it and how they made it a year to order again, Kamila let herself be heard.

I’m going to make a maximum cake or cake, I can handle it, but otherwise I’m not too sure what to do with moonk and dessert, I’d much rather you. But Kamila, that’s different, it’s going great too, I can confirm that in the years that we’ve known each other, the godmother praised his new cook Na plech with Kamila Leona Machlkov.

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