Illegal gambling business discovered in the apartment of Prokhor Chaliapin’s beloved

As it turned out later, Olga herself was indirectly related to what happened, because the illegal establishment worked in the apartment that she rented.

At some point, the money for living stopped coming, the TV presenter called the tenants of the apartment, finding out that they had moved out a long time ago, and now other people live in Tai.

“As it turned out, a lot of people lived there … There were poker tables …”,shared San.

Ultimately, everything ended well, Olga Sun managed to evict the illegal tenants. And Prokhor Chaliapin, who returned from the tour on time, helped to restore order in the apartment.

Now Olga is engaged in the selection of new tenants and is thinking about how to properly and reliably protect herself from repeating an unsuccessful experience in the future.

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