“I was ashamed”: Reshetova spoke out about the adoption of Islam

Popular Russian model and former lover of rapper Timati Anastasia Reshetova commented on the change of religious views.

According to her, Islam has long attracted her in the depths of her soul, but she managed to sort out her feelings only years later. Most of the controversy was due to the religious views of her family, because Nastya’s father is a Christian.

“I have a Muslim friend Nazima, a singer, she supported me in this matter, I was ashamed, because my dad is a believing Christian, I grew up in an Orthodox culture. But I am the person who listens to his heart, ”said the model.

At the same time, Reshetova added that she does not fully follow all the commandments of Islam, because she is not a saint, like many others. The main thing is not to judge each other, she concluded.

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