I see Dagmar Havelová in you, fans react to Pagová with a mustache

When she supported the Movember campaign, Patricia Pagov (33) had no idea what it would do to people. The fans agreed that Fejko’s haircut, which is a symbol of the God-holy project, changed his face so much that he resembled the famous Czech actress. Coincidentally, she follows her on Instagram and has a lot of values ​​and comments on her tweets, so it will be interesting to see what she says about it.

Movember is here! What and what is it for? It was formed from two words: November November and mustache knr. Clem is, with this unusual appearance, to draw attention to the darkness of cancer in him and to raise awareness about male health, she explained Patricia Pagov ke sv knrat photo shared by photographer Petr Kozlk.

In addition to the selected finances, the most important thing is to educate people and make them go for preventive check-ups. The worldwide movement Movember has been fighting typically male forms of cancer, which are prostate and testicular cancer, for many years. The most important thing is prevention and early detection of the disease, pointed out the actress, who is glad to be a part of the famous project.

But she had no idea what famous personality the fans would see there. It is necessary to respect, even their probably a certain flattery, but even then they can’t laugh enough and shake their heads in amusement. Well, see for yourself how (or not) you are right.

After a while, I can’t help him, but I see Di Havlov’s image in Bylo ns pt. Not that Mr. Dagmar has a mustache, but simply something has changed in that face and the likeness is there, Efi said.

Patricia Pagov ct Movember.

This is how photographer Lenka Hataov saw Dagmar Havelová, who recently photographed the actress for

That’s how I first saw Mr. Havelová, asked Kristna.

That was the first thing that came to my mind. she supplemented them with her supervisor Nika.

In defense of the women who saw Dagmar Havelová in Pagov, it must be said that they certainly didn’t mean anything bad by it. The old first lady would be amused, not touched…

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