“I have no hatred for the Russians.” “Paper”

I can’t sit still, I’m the administrator here. For me, the most important thing is that the children are provided with everything. We try to organize their leisure time to the maximum so that they do not think about what is happening. We have acting classes taught by a teacher from GITIS, on Thursdays a Georgian artist conducts master classes for children, there are English courses and our ceramic workshop.

I went to art therapy for three months. It seems to me that it was during the ceramics classes that I smiled from the bottom of my heart for the first time since my arrival in Georgia. And so the idea arose to organize a ceramic workshop here. Alice from Russia helped buy a muffle kiln and continues to help with materials. The locals arranged a room for us. We are very grateful for this. In the studio we work with both children and adults. Recently participated in the fair, sold our products. All the children who helped with this received their first paycheck. It was a very cool moment. Soon we are going to open a website where you can buy our products and support us.

Our workshop is called “Kulbabka”, in Ukrainian it means dandelion. For us, this is a symbol of how Ukrainians now carry our culture and talk about what is happening in our country around the world. It is very important.

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