“I felt euphoria!”: report from Vyacheslav Makarov’s apartment concert

We visited the first capital concert of the popular host of the show “Mask” and “Avatar” Vyacheslav Makarov: we are sharing with you the unique atmosphere of this show and, of course, the details that only we have.

Vyacheslav Makarov performs with a solo program, performing both covers of popular songs and his own hits. As the artist admitted to us, he received real euphoria on stage from the reception of the Moscow public. And, by the way, he said that the musicians did not want to play one of the songs of the program. We are talking about the unspoken anthem of the show “Mask” – Philip Kirkorov’s song “I love you, Marina.” Why – you will learn from our interview with Vyacheslav Makarov.

Vyacheslav Makarov and Yulia Natyamba, Russian TV Week

But Slava’s colleague from the KVN Kamyzyaks, Renat Mukhambaev, took part in the concert as an invited guest. The artists performed not only a joint track, but also the “dance of the penguins”, which, as always, amused the audience.

Renat Mukhambaev and Yulia Natyamba

Renat said that Makarov’s show turned out to be at the level, although Vyacheslav himself constantly turns on the “improver”. And, of course, he shared his creative plans.

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