Hvzda Von Pohdka Leona Sklenikov: She struggled with anorexia and loves kickboxing

Okvn wild they are what external criticism, bigotry and criticism usually do not say, if they do not like something. Due to the long-standing tradition, there is a lot of competition, regardless of the fact that the established legends can win. Maybe I’m just making a guess Andrew Pn, The Princess from the Mill or you Immortal aunt managed to attract so much attention that the people in front of the screens can’t wait for every rep.

This time it looks promising. And on a hard day when the TV comes on The secret of star bambitka 2or the day after that, when Krakono is fought on foot by the wild beast in David Vehlek’s day.

Lecko mon pekvap, e Leona Sklenikov I’m not a rookie in front of the camera. In recent years, director Peter Bebjak has become very fond of her. She played not only in the changeable story Krakono’s Secret, but also in another shot that he shot. Because of her role in Stnoh, she even went to kickboxing classes, only to find out that she also devoted herself to him privately.

Stnohra is a dream, both for the actress and for our actors. I will return it mainly with the joy of work. Therefore, you have to spend a lot of time as an actor, because you have to immerse yourself in such a role, she praised nron naten.

In the pbhu that T on God brings, she will have to do without the charms for the princesses, this village woman, stout and worthy Liduka, has hardened.

Honza Nedbal and I have heard a lot from the director, and we do not play tricks on him, that it is about real people with real feelings and problems. Which I think is absolutely great and it helped me a lot to anchor myself in my dreams, svila is a promising young actress who won’t hide that she will be very nervous on the day of the broadcast.

David vehlk, Ondej Sokol, Jan Nedbal and Leona Sklenikov played in the story Krakono’s secret.

At least my family will be watching it. And he will also have to endure my nervousness and adrenaline for the whole day, added Sklenikova, who also starred in the Novy TV series Mr. Professor, where she played the role of an anorexic. She herself suffered from an eating disorder in the past.

It was around the twelfth year. When the disease started, I was not at all aware of what was happening, what I had embraced and created as patterns and where it was leading me. Then she saw in me the irrational thought that in order to have friends, to be popular in the class, I must be thin like my classmates or become thinner, svila said in an interview for Denk Prvo, that she had it and got out of the vicious circle.

Leona Sklenikov could easily make a living as a photo model.

The first step for me was to recognize that I am confused. It was my duty to realize how much I was suffering, and to acknowledge it to my mother, who was a great support. She took me, doctor, which is important. Support you when they tell you that you are not weak, that it is an illness and you can get out of it, she added.

It meant a lot to me to see where my illness would go. It freaked me out at first. Thank God even the worst fzi never collapsed, added the star of the story of Krakono’s secret.

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