Hvzda OnlyFans Xholakys: Lkai should have found a brain tumor! It’s vn, the friend confirmed

The Clash of the Stars organization, which is involved in MMA rescues of influencers and celebrities, held its galaveer on Saturday, January 29.

OnlyFans star Valrie Holkov was also supposed to appear at the tournament, who Xholakys and fought at the first galaveer. At that time, she defeated the porn actress Silvia Dellai without any problems in the wrestling match. Now Valrie had to face Klra Havlková.

At the press conference on Sunday, however, the organizers of the organization announced that Valrie would not be joining the team, and in the end she was replaced by the exotic beauty Angie Mangombe, known from the reality show Like House.

On OnlyFans d

Speculation immediately began on the streets, for what reasons Xholakys had to write off the rescue. Some speculated that Valrie was struggling with depression again and had fallen into drugs.

Not long ago, a young influencer wrote on social media that she was back in a psychiatric hospital in Bohnice and they were scaring her with double valium.

Lkai should have found her, she closed herself off and doesn’t communicate with anyone

According to Expres, a much more serious problem appeared a few days ago. Several independent sources have confirmed to us that they discovered a tumor on Valria’s brain.

It’s been around for a while in the influencer community. Poor Vala, it’s terrible what’s happening. I’m really sorry he liked the Express hunter, who is very close to Valeria, but he didn’t want to be named.

Ever since they found out, he doesn’t want to be in contact with anyone at all. She shut herself up and doesn’t even communicate with her friends, match the sources of Express.


Co-promoter of Clash of the Stars: It’s very cold for me, it’s out

The co-promoter of the Clash of the Stars organization Jakub Jra also confirmed that the young influencer has health problems.

It’s a sensitive darkness, I consider Valeria as a friend, and it hurt me a lot. The official reason why she had to withdraw from the race is not injuries or psychological problems, but it is quite common. I don’t refute or confirm the information you have, but I just respect him that he decides to be more than one injured from the thorn and it is really very called. It’s a health thing, ekl Expresu Jakub Jr.


The editors of Expresa contacted Holková. However, as it was mentioned, the young krska refused to communicate with those around her, and we were therefore unable to get a reaction. So don’t forget anything else, we owe the famous influencer a lot of strength in the darkest fight of his life.

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