Hvzda Novy Diviov put on Bartoov shoes: He stayed after n puff like after Emm!

Even when, in the middle of the year, on the 27th of the year, she announced her departure from Czech television after a long break, she had no idea how long he would be determined to keep him out and not leave a single star of television news alone.

Leaving Czech TV is probably the hardest decision I’ve ever made. ST has eight years of life, because I am (not only) the professional team that I am. Leaving an institution that has done so much good for this country is really not easy, ekla then Linda Bartoov. Bra Diviov, the star of the new news, has now commented on her departure.

Miss Bartoov’s departure left the same smell and kivda in T as when Miss Smetanov left us. I lost myself a lot. She didn’t have the balls to name me. But the fact that years later she almost wanted to hug me and told me that she always wanted to be able to do it like me, yes, she tweeted.

The whole point I want to make is that if the newspaper publishes your dark work, it must be dark. And Slena Bartoov hurt many of her colleagues with her outings and behavior. Linda, don’t be angry, you know the reason added jet.

With her words, she provoked a new colleague, by a coincidence of the former star T, Svtlana Witowska.

Bra Diviov also wore Emma Smetanov.

Bro, you are a sympoka, but this is not fr. I know Linda personally. We worked together and we will again. Dark on it. Linda provokes and opens the darkness. I don’t know who she lost in T or if at all. But you know it wasn’t easy for her. Even this coin has two sides, she came to the defense of Bartoov, who, like her, founded

Svtlana Witowsk stood up for her new colleague Linda Bartoov.

And while Emma Smetanov left his words without comment, Bartoov spoke up not long after.

Thanks, Svtlana. Even this challenge on Twitter that I don’t know exists, with someone I don’t know, I don’t understand at all. And I’m sorry. The hunter must always be determined to keep 100% as he would like to return. But he’s also going through a lot of pain, he’s the only one who cares, responded after representing Witowsk.

In the direction of Diviov, however, she chose a rather harsh and harsh tone.

Bro, I’m not really going to get involved in this. But I find it unpleasant that you dare to write this on Twitter, even if you have never worked with me, talked to me, or married me, what did I do and what hurt me. Wow, wrote Bartoov, for her leaving T is obviously not a closed matter, and whatever happened there.

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