Husband of Sati Kazanova published a book about Russia

The husband of the famous singer Stefano Tiozzo wrote his own literary work. He dedicated his work to his wife’s native country – Russia.

The artist noted that now is a very difficult time, and Europe is largely opposed to the Russians. And at the same time, her husband was not afraid to publish a book called “The Other Side of Russia”, in which he actually confessed his love for her homeland.

“And most importantly, she is honest, objective, without sycophancy,” Sati explained.

According to Stefano himself, he could not restrain his emotions after he finished writing the last word and began to reread. The idea to write these pages appeared a long time ago, before 2022.

The other side of Russia can only be seen by those who have the patience to look it in the eyes for a long time, the author said. The book is out now, at a dramatic time in modern history, he added.

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