How to return the taste to life

To the question “How are you?” we usually respond to others: “It’s okay.” But is it really so? Let’s answer honestly to ourselves – is everything all right? And if not, what’s wrong?

Reboot plan from Modern Health magazine.

Often we associate our melancholy with external factors. But the reason is to be found within. Quite possibly, the problem is precisely in the fact that life goes on as usual. Routine, monotony, a sense of cyclicity – all this takes a huge amount of energy, because the unrealized potential “burns out” in vain and plunges you into a state of breakdown. Think about whether you are tired of “everything as always”, and take a step forward – to a bright, fulfilling life!

What needs to be done to turn “normal” into “excellent”?

• Go in for sports – running, aerobics, crossfit.
• Establish a routine and get enough sleep.
• Get rid of bad habits.
• Deal with excess weight.
• Pass a check.
• Add healthy foods to your diet and cut back on sugar.
• Observe digital hygiene.
• Analyze and update the environment.
• Relax and stop fussing.
• Change the type of activity.
• Find your “creative portal”.
• Set specific goals.
• Help and support others.
• Take responsibility for your life.

Try to act according to this plan – and soon you will see how your life will change for the better!

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