How to recover in three days

The season of colds and blues is open, which means now more than ever it is important to strengthen the immune system and increase your stress resistance.

Natalia Ilyushina, a journalist from Sovremennoye Zdorovya, turned to the National Medical Research Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation Center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation with complaints of a constant feeling of fatigue and tried the proposed procedures.

The hike “for health” begins with the department of therapy: in order to identify weaknesses in the body, you need to go through a check-up. It is individual for each person, but even a blood test and an ECG will already help to detect certain health problems.

Our permanent expert, a therapist of the highest category, head of the therapy department No. 2, Doctor of Medical Sciences Ekaterina Viktorovna Hammad, recommends massage, physiotherapy exercises and cryosauna to improve the overall tone of the body in the autumn. Well aligns mood and corrects sleep mesodiencephalic modulation – a method of therapy in which a weak electrical signal passes through the integument of the skull and affects the central nervous system.

“It takes at least three days to replenish the reserves of the body,” notes the head of the department of physiotherapy, candidate of medical sciences, doctor of physical rehabilitation medicine Lyudmila Vladimirovna Shcherbakova. “We also work on weekends, so you can take time off from work on Friday and grab Saturday-Sunday.”

It was this short-term program that was offered to our journalist Natalya. After the checkup, she was recommended to undergo three procedures to improve her general well-being:

• SPA-capsule, in which “Antistress” was chosen from a variety of modes. Here are the effects of infrared radiation, vibratory massage, cleansing with a steam bath and drip massage, as well as aromatherapy;

• hot tub – to relax the body;

• circular shower – it tones, improves metabolism.

After a course of procedures, Natalia was given recommendations on keeping her body in good shape, her mood improved noticeably, strength and lightness in her body increased.

The Treatment and Rehabilitation Center also has programs aimed at combating premature aging: Detox, Antistress, Light Legs, Weight Loss, Anti-Cellulite, Face and Body Rejuvenation. The list of procedures includes ozone therapy, magnetotherapy, massage, foot pressure therapy, cryosauna, darsonvalization of the skin of the face, neck, and scalp.

You can undergo recovery in the following areas: “Neurorehabilitation”, “Cardiorehabilitation”, “Rehabilitation after injuries, diseases, operations on the musculoskeletal system”, “Rehabilitation for diseases of the genitourinary system” and “Rehabilitation after COVID-19”.

For more information on rehabilitation programs, please visit site or by phone 8 (495) 730-98-89.

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