How to get to Clash of the Stars: bookmaker in Grznr and Bend

After those months, there are always controversial and wildly attractive celebrities. Clash of the Stars has fans on the Internet, but the fighting sport is also popular in Switzerland, as confirmed by the Swiss office of Fortuna.

In the main duel of Saturday’s gala, Filip Grznr will meet Psychopath Bejr. Since then, their rivalry turned into hatred, especially after Bejr attacked another bodybuilder during a post-fight interview. The favorite for this fight is Grznr at odds of 1.15:1, who has a lot of experience.

However, Galaveer acquires ten more interesting bows. you can see, for example, rapper Neny (3.94:1) with influencer and host of the recent TikTok Summit Ivan Kloc aka Kid Ajvne (1.2:1), tk including Tade Gangsta boy Vesel (1.15:1) with Pavel Pomalu Snejksi Mskem (4.6:1) and Karel Benda (1.4:1) with Jaroslav Kotlr Security Kotlr (2.68:1). The Divci will see a two-on-one fight for the very first time.

Matches among celebrities are more popular than ever. Even if you have nothing in common with a professional firefighter, it is an original way to show yourself off and, as a bonus, get the copper’s attention. Even this year’s Clash of the Stars offers a lot of interesting battles of controversial personalities, on which we have written short stories. The most important and the highlight of the gala will be the duel between Filip Grznr and Ale Bejr. Grznr is known as the wild Clash of the Stars and has proven it many times that he can fight. His stats from his MMA fights are even on Sherdog’s prestigious pages, to the main bookmaker Fortuna Michal Hank.

On the other hand, Psychopath does not have that day of fighting experience, and even if it is a fight under the rules of Thai boxing, the bodybuilder should have a clear advantage this time as well. Bejr is also aware of this, and he will undoubtedly live up to his promise and make some illegal move. In the course of 1.37:1, the result could end in disqualification, add Hank.

According to him, the heavyweight fight between Karel Benda and Jaroslav Kotlr is also attractive. I wouldn’t risk it and bet at odds of 3:1 that the rescue will end within 60 seconds from the start of the round. As both fighters announced, perhaps one single KO strike will decide, and in addition, the game only works against them, dov Michal Hank, chief bookmaker of Fortuna.

In the fight between Grznr and the Psychopath, Vtina szka the controversial bodybuilder. 86 percent of the deposit goes to its construction. Karel Benda’s vote is about 64 percent. 36 percent of the shares go to the founder of the legendary Kotlr Security.

Valrie Xholakys Holkov resigned at the last moment for health reasons, and was replaced by Angie Mangombe in the fight with Klrová Havlková (3.91:1). She is the 1.22:1 favorite.

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