How to get “booking” from mobilization and how does it work?. “Paper”

In practice, yes. Since the beginning of the “partial mobilization”, several men with “armor” have received summons. On September 22, Andrei Yefimov, an employee of the Baltic Plant, was mobilized, although the enterprise is included in the register of organizations of the military-industrial complex.

Efimov’s wife turned to Governor Alexander Beglov and asked for help. As a result, after the check, the man returned home from the unit in Luga. About it told Vice Governor Boris Piotrovsky.

In October in the army tried invite IT specialist Andrey Korneev, who works in an accredited company. The man came to the military registration and enlistment office to confirm the “booking” for work, as he needed to go on a business trip abroad.

However, the military commissar refused to accept the certificates, took away the military ID from the man and sent him to receive a summons to a neighboring office. As an employee of the military registration and enlistment office stated, if the programmer does not appear the next day for mobilization, he will be put on the wanted list. Whether Korneev succeeded in confirming the postponement is unknown.

Also in St. Petersburg, the father of three minor children, Sergei Martynov, was mobilized, who has a “booking” from the enterprise – Pulkovo Airport, informed telegram channel “Bloody lady”.

Where exactly Martynov was sent, his relatives are not told. The man does not get in touch. Relatives sent requests to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the prosecutor’s office and the military commissariat, but did not receive a response.

A similar thing happens in other regions of Russia, the issue of illegal conscription is not always resolved. On October 13, Timur Izmailov, an IT specialist at Raiffeisenbank, died in the war in Ukraine. The man was called, although he was entitled to a delay, wrote his lawyer Konstantin Erokhin in his telegram channel.

Erokhin told “Kommersant”, which submitted lists of deferrals to the General Staff on September 28. However, the military registration and enlistment office stated that they did not receive the lists, and they would return the mobilized person only in the event of a court decision.

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