How to get a driver’s license in Georgia?. “Paper”

Georgian rights are international. Their owner can drive (and rent) a car in the countries of the Vienna and Geneva conventions – that is, almost all over the world. The rights are issued for 15 years, you can get them in Georgia in less than a month. Paper Kartuli tells how to do it.

1. Sign up for a theoretical exam. Through website or TBC and Bank of Georgia ATMs on the streets of Tbilisi. Most likely, free slots will be available only next month – due to the hype, places are quickly sorted out. The price is 40-50 lari depending on the bank.

You can’t take the exam in Tbilisi. Therefore, places close to the city are popular – Rustavi and Gori. The rest – Batumi, Poti, Telavi, Akhaltsikhe, Kutaisi, Sachkhere and Ozurgeti – take much longer to get.

2. Prepare for the theory exam. Tickets can be purchased on your own. website. They are available in Russian. You can choose exam mode or study topics one after another. The explanation of the correct answers is only in Georgian, but this problem can be solved with the help of automatic translation.

There are 30 questions in one exam ticket, 3 mistakes are allowed.

3. Find an instructor. In Georgia, you don’t need a certificate from a driving school to pass on your driving license – just classes with an instructor. One lesson will cost about 30 GEL.

If you are confident in yourself and drive well, then you can come to the exam just like that – you will not be asked for any supporting documents. Most instructors speak Russian.

On the site you need to drive through six elements: a flyover, a “eight”, a snake, parallel parking, a garage and a dead end.

4. Make a translation of the passport and a certificate. The translated passport must be notarized. It is also necessary to issue a health certificate – form IV 100/a.

5. Pass theory and practice. It is better to arrive early for the exam. In case of successful delivery of the theory, get up in a live queue for the delivery of the site.

If you failed to pass the theoretical exam the first time, you can re-register for the next attempt, but not earlier than in a week.

It matters which car you take the practical exam on: on the “mechanics” – free of charge, on the “automatic” – 90 GEL.

6. Pass driving in the city. A year ago, in order to obtain Georgian rights, it was not necessary to take an exam in the city – the innovation was introduced in April 2022. The cost of delivery is 91 GEL.

If you pass the “city” successfully, you can pick up your driver’s license 5 days after the exam. If you need to speed up the process, you can pay a fee of 50 GEL and receive the document on the same day.

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