How St. Petersburg students are driven to pro-government actions. “Paper”

SPbGUP. At the end of April, a meeting of the historical club was held at the St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions on “the influence of the West on the development of neo-Nazism in Ukraine”, told student of Doxa. The meeting also discussed “Russophobia that has gripped the whole of Europe.”

Later, the university held several more obligatory pro-government lectures, said “Paper” former university student. At the first such lecture, the teacher assured students that the modern world is ruled by a “supranational elite”.

At another event spoke Dmitry Babich, editor of the RIA Novosti news agency, who spoke about the “confrontation” between Russian and foreign media in covering the war in Ukraine. The host of the First Channel Anatoly Kuzichev also spoke for the students, the interlocutor says “Paper”.

St. Petersburg State University. In early September, St Petersburg State University freshmen from the faculties of political science, sociology, and international relations were invited to an “organizational meeting,” which turned out to be a lecture from a United Russia deputy. About it “Paper” said a university student with reference to the words of one of the first-year students.

“The deputy spoke for an hour and a half about love for the motherland and other nonsense,” the student explains. According to him, by the end of the lecture, many of the first-year students managed to escape from the audience. However, when a United Russia member asked for questions, the doors to the lecture hall were closed, causing the students to sit there for another hour.

Banner placed at the Mining University in St. Petersburg. Photo provided to Paper by a student

Representatives of the mentioned universities and their student councils did not respond “Paper” to questions about the participation of students in such events.

Mining Institute. As the interlocutor says “Paper” from the military training center of St. Petersburg Mining University, in March, together with his classmates photographed with banners with Z symbols and inscriptions about the fight against Nazism.

The colonel insisted on the photo and the head of the military training center, who gave a lecture to students the day before that the Russian army “fights for the truth” and it “always liberated the world from Nazism,” the source says. According to him, the colonel asked everyone who ready to participate in the “anti-Nazi all-Russian action.”

“And here the question is put in such a way that you are either a“ patriot ”and for all that is good, or“ a traitor to the motherland ”and a moral monster,” says a student at the military center. He noted that none of those present could refuse to participate in the action.

Photo: Mining University / VK

SPbGUVM. On April 29, the administration of the St. Petersburg State University of Veterinary Medicine gathered students for a pro-war rally in the Breakthrough Siege of Leningrad nature reserve. About it reported on the official website of the university. According to Doxa, the students themselves thought they were going to an exercise to eliminate foci of animal diseases, some were taken off steam for this.

A parade was held in front of the audience: people in white anti-infection suits lined up in the letter Z. The rector of the university, Kirill Plemyashov, also spoke at the rally: he spoke about “the liberation of the fraternal state from the bearers of the inhuman ideology of Nazism.”

Photo from the website of SPbGUVM

In addition, found out “Paper”in the autumn in St. Petersburg they repeated the action in the reserve “Breakthrough of the Siege of Leningrad”, but there were already students of the St. Petersburg Mining University.

One of them says that he and his classmates were removed from school and sent to line up in the letter Z to record video from a drone. If they refused to participate, the teachers would put them absenteeism, the student suggests.

Mining University student says “Paper”that proving to the head of the military center that Ukraine is not a Nazi state is tantamount to “banging your head against a concrete wall in a bunker.”

“Naturally, this can be called cowardice and selfishness, but I was still afraid that I would be threatened for refusing to participate in a military action,” he adds.

“It terribly annoyed me,” a St Petersburg University student comments on a lecture from United Russia. After the students were blocked from leaving the classroom, she asked the deputy how one can see the disadvantages of the state and correct them if school subjects are taught from a subjective point of view. The deputy, according to the girl, did not answer the question.

A former student of the Humanitarian University of Trade Unions told “Paper”that he was at all the obligatory assembly lectures. “There was a lot of bullshit. If you turn on the programs “60 minutes” or “Time will tell”, you will understand what they are about [лекторы] spoke.” The young man left the performance of one of the teachers, and later he was expelled for poor progress.

“I was reprimanded at the dean’s office,” says the student. “And there was a funny comparison: a university is a country, a rector is a president, and if you chose to study at this university (to live in this country), then you must comply with the laws.”

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