How St. Petersburg conscripts were sent to serve. “Paper”

At 12:00, the citizens of St. Petersburg, leaving for military service, arrived at the assembly point of the military commissariat of the Leningrad region. Young people, mostly skinheads, were seated in a hall with the coat of arms of Russia and a portrait of Vladimir Putin.

We were just called. No one would voluntarily come here,” he says. “Paper” one of the conscripts going to the unit in Tver. He clarifies that Tver is not on the border with Ukraine, but it is clear that they will be settled in “soldiers’ conditions.”

At first, conscripts were summoned by name to the commissars and asked about their attitude to the “special military operation”, about relatives and the presence of romantic relationships. Later, 18-year-old guys were given equipment and sent to buses.

– You are not afraid that you will be sent to the NWO zone? – the correspondent asks the conscripts “Paper”.

While one conscript began to say “No” quietly, and the others fell silent, another conscript burst into the conversation:

– Guys, don’t score, don’t give back. Wet crests! he said to general laughter. Then everyone began to discuss preparations for sending to the service.

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