How hard-working Gábina came to happiness (again) or Partyšová has a master with a jet

After her divorce from businessman Daniel Farnbauer, to whom she was married for less than a year, it seemed that the touching fairy tale Gabriela Partyšová the bell rang once and for all about the dream prince. The hope that she would improve her taste and financial condition after the collapse of her marriage with Josef Kokta disappeared again like steam over a pot.

But the purposeful presenter did not throw a flint in the rye and it paid off! She recently boasted to Express that she really hates taking off her rose-colored glasses. Now we know why. Another prince appeared in her life. He didn’t gallop on a white horse, he sent a jet for his love!

Expresa photographers caught up with Partyšová at Václav Havel Airport in Prague, where she was boarding a jet with her son. Which is a means of transport that indicates that another fairytale chapter has begun to be written.

It is hard to assume that she would pay for the trip herself, she is not that extravagant, regardless of the fact that she would receive more than one fee for hosting Life in the Stars. Of course, Gábina has a lot of other activities that generate considerable income, so she probably wouldn’t travel by private car anyway.

Gabriela Partyšová

“Love, when it is in that intimacy, is the most beautiful love,” dreamed the secretive presenter a few weeks ago in an interview for Expres. Words about intimacy now take on a completely different dimension. Because it is a fact that in a private plane you are somehow closer to the other person, but in a different way than when you are huddled in economy class.

Partyšová made herself known when she passionately kissed director Matěj Liška, an ex-boyfriend of model Jitka Boho, after Nova’s “goodbye” party some time ago. But the romance with him has apparently ended. Since she has nothing against Lišek, but she certainly cannot offer a private plane or a limousine, she left Nova by taxi.

If it came down to it, Gábina Partyšová would marry a third time.

Rather, the question arises as to why there is so much confusion surrounding Mr. Božský. He is married? Does he not want to mediate the relationship? Is he a foreigner? Which of the rich could she charm so much?

There are many questioners, but Partyšová, who loves fairy tales, prefers to remain silent or to be silent, following the example of a clever burner. If she had promised to keep quiet and be careful, she would keep it, because the fourth time the return of the prince might not happen again.

Regardless of the fact that she would only get three wishes from the goldfish, there is certainly no mention in any book of four wishes.

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