How do you know if your loved one is under the influence of a manipulator?

Each of us faces various manipulations in life, when one person forces another to do something with the help of covert deceptive tactics to obtain some benefit. But someone can resist them, and someone can not.

What signs will help determine that your relative or acquaintance is under psychological influence, – explains Anna Solodovnik, psychologist, practicing in Donetsk, NLP practitioner, business coach, systemic family therapist, hypnotherapist, coach, teacher, supervisor, expert member MOO RPP.

“The first call is the irritation that you get in response to trying to figure out the situation, refusing to accept any arguments. The body can also give a hint: the face turns red, the pupils dilate, the person looks a little lost. By the way, everyone studies this, for example, at sales trainings, and successfully applies it.

What to do in such a situation? Gently insist on a conversation. First, listen to the person without getting into an argument. Try an emotional connection: “Yes, you know, I’m also interested in this anti-wrinkle cream, let’s figure it out together and see how effective it is.” Do not try to prove to your opponent that he is stupid, he is being used. People don’t like to feel “used”, so the interlocutor can simply close. Help him analyze what is happening, find competent information.

And sometimes it is useful to let the manipulation happen in order to gain experience. There was a case when a first-year student wanted to earn extra money and responded to a vacancy where you need to pay for the material before starting work, and then compensate for the costs. His parents tried to open his eyes, but he did not want to listen to anything. As a result, they acted, in my opinion, wisely: they gave him money. Of course, the student’s company deceived him, but the lesson did him good: the family council discussed the situation and made the right conclusions, which he will rely on in the future.

You will find more information about manipulators in the November issue of Modern Health magazine.

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