Hlubuek shn Rakuana: Don’t know how to do it? He revealed to the Express what the minister replied to him

I would like to meet Vtek Rakuan. Don’t know how to do it? a status appeared on Hlubuk’s profile, which was last active in April, the days before the outbreak of the Dosimeter case.

Hlubuek then exchanged a few words with the debaters. According to some, it was an ordinary provocation, he was appreciated for his sense of humor, for which some big game of politics was shoehorned. It follows from the status that Vt Rakuan does not hesitate to meet a former colleague and avoids him. In the past, they were close to each other and, for example, Hana Kordov Marvanov revealed to Expres that he rejected her as a member of STAN f Rakuan when she informed him of her suspicions about the unfair practices of Petr Hlubuk et al. was interested in what the former longtime mayor of Lysolaj wanted to discuss with the Minister of the Interior.

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