He was honored, and there were parties: Meky Birky’s girlfriend became a celebrity

Kateina (55) was always in the background during the life of manel Mekyho Birk (69). Maximl accompanied men to various social events, but she never wanted to be the center of attention. But now almost the day of the event is not complete without his presence and one conversation after another. would a widow like to be the one to fly around?

Model Meky’s birks he is looking for his legacy, as only d. His name is promoted above and after his death. Take one action after another and it turns out that giving interviews and being the center of attention is not as much of a problem as it used to be.

When he started driving, he was always in the spotlight, and Kateina was waiting for him backstage, where she sulked, but she didn’t need to air it to the public.

There is hardly an event where Kateina is missing. We met her at the corner of investment cards, at the premiere of the musical, she was very honored for my birthday. Become a star and act accordingly.

Don’t take your cues from fashionable designs like Kateina Geisler’s, be careful how you look so that it’s always groomed and dressed. Zat never swam next to it.

David flew from London only for the Andl Awards.

Start reveling in it and honoring yourself like a fish in water. Another time, the widow was silent, smiled on all sides, and had one conversation after another. Evidently, we have a new celebrity here, Kateina Birková.

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