He became famous in Božena as Heavenly: Since then, Nedbal’s star has been rising steeply

Actor, Lynch, Dads on the Move or maybe Blue Code Sisters. Already when we wrote about Jan Nedbal (32) last January, he was seen in a number of projects. But he became widely known thanks to the mini-series Božena, where he played the lover of a well-known writer, the poet Václav Bolemír Nebeský, and he was not afraid of bolder scenes either. Since then, he has come a long way and has become one of the rising stars of Czech television.

He has no shortage of interesting roles, thanks to the fact that he was spotted by director Peter Bebjak. He cast him, for example, in the internet series Skvrna or the drama Herec, which took Czech TV viewers to the difficult and in many ways quite depressing 1950s in communist Czechoslovakia.

“Fortunately, I’ve been very inquisitive and love stories since I was a child, so even though my parents’ generation didn’t experience this period, they still remember things from their parents,” he confided in connection with historical material Jan Nedbal.

“Later at university, I became actively interested in the history of post-war Czechoslovakia, the Cold War, political processes and the crimes of communism in general, so I hope I can say that I had a sufficient idea,” added the actor, who later reaped laurels for the role of Václav Bolemír Nebeský in the miniseries Bozen.

Since then, he managed to sit comfortably on the throne, which is reserved for the most popular young actors of Czech television.

David Švehlík, Ondřej Sokol, Jan Nedbal and Leona Skleničková played in the fairy tale Krakonoš’s secret.

He shone in the main role of Jiří Vejdělek’s new comedy S písní v tíš, before that he edited Posledni závod, where he played with Marko Adamczyk, Kryštof Hádek and Judit Bárdos. And the list certainly does not end there.

ČT viewers can also look forward to seeing him on December 25, when he will appear in the new fairy tale Krakonoš’s secret. To make the list complete, Irena Pavlásková’s new film A Christmas Story, where a whole constellation of well-known actors, led by Jiřina Bohdalová and Karl Roden, came together.

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