Haven’t laughed like this in a long time: the stars at the premiere of the film “Lovers”

We talked with the first viewers of the new comedy The Lovers, which opens in theaters on November 3, about their expectations and reality: what our stars advise to watch.

Katya Lel My husband and I came to the premiere of “Lovers” to support Pavel Priluchny, who played one of the main roles. The singer admitted that she expected funny life stories from the film and was not disappointed.

“I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time! Very good cast!” — actress Olga Spirkina shared her impressions with us immediately after watching the film. “I would say that this is a little more “male cinema”, but very subtle, kind, funny. Many thanks to the producer Artem Vitkin, the director and all the actors!”

Producer David Gasitashvili, Yulia Natyamba, Olga Spirkina

Blogger Anriel admitted that she loves comedies, she enjoys watching all the news in this genre. “Now such a movie is very relevant, we all need positive emotions,” Anya said. By the way, “Lovers” evoke a whole range of emotions in the audience. This was noted by all the spectators of the show, leaving the hall. And you and I will be able to verify this tomorrow – the film comes out on the screens of cinemas.

In the meantime, watch our special report from the premiere:

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