Have you ever seen a snow removal drill? “Paper”

Administration Central region and Chairman of the Housing Committee of St. Petersburg Oleg Zotov reported on the conduct of exercises “to develop a comprehensive cleaning of snow and ice on the roofs of houses, city streets and courtyards.”

In the footage from the “training”, public utilities and special equipment “remove” the snow that has not yet fallen from Mokhovaya Street. The exercise was attended by specialists from the Housing Committee, the Improvement Committee, the Transport Committee and the district administration.

According to the administration of the Central District, “for high-quality winter cleaning, it is important to synchronize the work of dumping snow from the roofs of houses and snow removal in yards and on the road network, identify places for storing snow and organize its removal,” which was worked out.

Problems. The administration noted that not all citizens vacated their places in the paid parking zone and the owners of the cars had to be contacted individually, which increased the training cleaning time.

According to the results of the exercise, officials concluded that “in general” the services carry out winter cleaning in a coordinated manner, but it is necessary to improve the information of residents about the planned cleaning and increase the number of places for storing snow.

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