Hana Vagnerov in love: I am a traditional type, polyamorous relationship with ds

Krishna the actress Hana Vagnerov she also drank with her foreign girlfriend at the premiere of the film Borders of Love. Even when she thought that her partner wouldn’t go to Lucerne for an erotic film, he didn’t let it go, and Vagnerov felt ashamed because some of the dreams were really worth the effort.

On the way in the taxi, he told me that he would like to see the film. But I have to say that up to that time he had never been jealous. I know it will be difficult for him to watch, but I am not afraid that he will react badly. Mon reacts better, I wouldn’t be able to handle it, laughed Hana.

She herself is a little ashamed that it is possible to see her in the film, she would not want to. How did she even break through?

I think that it’s not twice as nice as an actor, that we are ashamed of everyone, including all the people on the set. That idea that it’s something great, that everyone imagines it, it doesn’t match reality at all, she added that, as usual, I don’t have to sleep a day before the movie.

Hana at the premiere

However, in her private life, the actress would not participate in such experiments as in her intimate life. If she didn’t mind polyamorous relationships, she herself wouldn’t invite anyone into a relationship.

I’m a pretty traditional guy. Especially when we talked about it and discussed what to do with the relationship, I shouldn’t have done this. It’s about the boundaries that the hunter sets for himself. It is about how to be confident in a relationship, how to be free in it, what kind of communication to start so as not to harm others. After that, I had a lot of questions that I still don’t know the answer to, revealed the sexy Hana.


Was she thinking about trying an experiment with her partner? Find out in our video interview.

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