Halina Pawlovsk advises how to enjoy life. But how did she go through her daughter’s divorce with the TMBK recessionist?

It wouldn’t be writer Halina Pawlowski (67) if she didn’t have a funny answer to everything. Until she laughs at herself and doesn’t let her problems be talked about publicly. But as soon as the darkness of the divorce of his daughter Natlie and recessionist Tome Benko alias TMBK came to light, she rang the bell. What’s up with that?

Authoress Halina Pavlovsk it was her 36th book and it couldn’t be otherwise, not in great style. The cafe in the center of Prague was full of VIPs and the moderator was in her element.

She called her last book creation Uvej ivota!, with advice that people should not miss even a single day when they could be happy. What does Halina mean by having fun?

the hunter must think while he is alive, he must rejoice in the little things. But sometimes it’s different. Someone feels when he is on the road, someone feels that he doesn’t have to do anything, or he feels a lover. I’m already at a certain age, so it’s all together. I am happy about it, e dhm. I’m happy to travel, I’m happy to eat, I’m happy to you or vice versa, I don’t do anything, laughed Halina in front of the Expres camera.

Whenever you read a book by Halina Pawlowski, it’s always in a big way.

Unfortunately, she has an example that she would rather put behind her head. Her beloved child was born out of marriage with Tom Benko, known under the pseudonym TMBK, after ten years they divorced. They have an eleven-year-old son together.

I don’t want to set you up for some wedding drama. The main thing is that the dt is satisfied, ekla.

These two killed her.

However, my daughter and grandson live under the same roof, so she tries to be as helpful as possible, even though she herself admits that she is not looking for a grandmother.

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