Hair loss didn’t help either! Amlie Pokorn is all Zednkov, they even have the same last name

The daughter of Lucie Zednkov (53) and Amlie Pokorn (18) is growing up. In addition to that, there are a lot of offers for work, for example, she recently got a copy of the Gump dog calendar for the year 2023, in which she walks with a dog from Tulku. How does a joint fuck with a bike? It seems to be in good stock. In addition to the fact that she was born with a beautiful face and her mother’s eyes seem to have fallen out of her sight, she also has a love for the world, is intelligent, talented and incredibly kind.

Lucie Zednkov’s daughter Amlie Pokorn became part of the new Gump calendar, the proceeds from its sale go to charity. With dogs from tulk in the frame of the campaign, women were invited, and Amlie was no exception, who had her picture taken with her pet dog Amor.

The young actress herself has golden retrievers, two young boys and a nine-year-old girl at home. Marta Kubiov was the host of the event, and Amlie couldn’t praise the photo better. In the role of a model, it suited her immensely, and it was also a good thing.

I shared my love for pets through both generations, my mother has a lot of exotic pets, elephants, and my mother and I are into dogs and such close contact, the beautiful actress revealed to him. His father is producer Vt Pokorn.

Amlie soon celebrated her 80th birthday and her mother, as if she had fallen out of sight, got together with the actress Luci Zednková in a truly invisible way. Even the curled hair didn’t help.

Amlie Pokorn is a total mom

But Amlie is not only a beautiful woman, he is so smart. He is studying at a French gymnasium and has to go to work with a bicycle.

Last summer, she filmed a new project that will be released in five years and plans to do many more years. Learn more about how to manage it all and go a lot more in our video interview.

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