Greenpeace will launch a map for a zero-waste lifestyle. “Paper”

Environmental organization Greenpeace will launch the Zero Waste service – a map for a life without waste. About it “Paper” representatives of the organization said.

How the service will work. Greenpeace will complement the Recyclemap (it already contains places where different types of waste) with new locations that should reduce the amount of waste in the city. In this regard, the creators of the project urge the Russians to send organizations the appropriate places:

  • Shops and points where you can buy goods without packaging, in your own container or in bulk and by weight.
  • Repair shops.
  • Vintage, thrift and second hand shops.
  • Points where you can exchange things.
  • A cafe where you pour drinks into your mug.
  • Drinking fountains and water dispensers.

The collected locations will be included in the Recyclemap layer, which will be called “Zero Waste”. The updated map is scheduled to launch in 2023.

How to help Greenpeace. If you would like to talk about locations that help reduce waste, please fill out the form at site project. After completing the form, they will be contacted by Greenpeace representatives. Employees of the organization will check the point indicated by the participants of the initiative and put it on the map.

Greenpeace will accept data until November 30th.

What you need to know. In conversation with “Paper” Greenpeace representatives noted that about 400 kilograms of waste per year falls on one Russian. The service of the organization should help the inhabitants of Russia to reduce this number.

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