Go around like a Terminator: Karlos Vmola went for a ride in kecks and coils for 50,000 crowns

We don’t need to have a long discussion about the fact that Karlos Vmola (37) is an absolute lover of luxury. Although Lela Ceterov (33) arrived at the evening party at the Moon club in Prague to show off her new nose, which she recently had adjusted by a world-renowned surgeon in Rome, it was her husband who caught her eye. He put on the new Dolce & Gabbana collection, and the editors of Expres managed to find out that their black coat alone costs almost 20,000 crowns, and the knickers for 30,000. How do you lose weight?

Karlos Vmola together with the model Lela Ceterová, he became the main star of the party at the Moon club in Prague. There, the season of the Euroformula Open series started in honor of Vladimr Netuil, who is the only Czech driver of Formula 3. By appearing in public with Rika Fane before Vmol, they proved that their relationship is not going to shake things up.

For the first time, Lela showed off her new nose, which she had surgery on in the morning. In addition, she had her eyebrows filled in, her lips pouted and foxy eyes made, as the model stated on Instagram.

Karlos and Lela arrived at the club before ten o’clock in the evening and did not kiss for a long time, they did not exchange kisses or touches and pretended to be in love.

Bijec had a bad relationship with the newly adult porn actress Hana Durbanová, who posted one proof of their love after another on Instagram, including voice recordings or screenshots of conversations with Vmola. But he insists that he does not know Hank.

Karlos Vmola showed off his luxurious shoes.

Karlos Vmola showed off his luxurious shoes.

While Lela slipped into an extremely hawt outfit as usual, Karlos was the king of fashion.

He put on a luxurious set of world-famous Italian brands Dolce & Gabbana. According to the Farfetch website, a black coat with a black pattern from their new collection will cost 795 euros, which is about 19 thousand crowns.

The shoes cost about 28 thousand crowns.

Karlos Vmola went through the coil for about 20 thousand crowns.

The shoes are expensive, on the website they cost 1175 dollars, which is about 28 thousand crowns. The luxury-loving survivor left about 50,000 crowns in the store for shoes and pants, and that’s not going to last for days.

And how is his new bor vm? Would you share such a piece of clothing, or do you consider luxurious pieces of clothing and footwear to be a waste of money?

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