Glavred Regnum announced the suspension of the agency. “Paper”

News agency Regnum has suspended its work. About it reported editor-in-chief of the media Modest Kolerov in the telegram channel of the agency on the evening of November 2.

Why Regnum was suspended. As follows from the announcement, the owner of the management company Regnum “without explanation of reasons and goals” changed the management of the company that manages the agency. According to Kolerov, “this made it impossible to continue the work of IA Regnum in the previous format, which in July 2022, in connection with the 20th anniversary of the agency, was highly appreciated Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The authors of the agency suspended "broadcasting" "until the situation is clarified." What are the differences with the owner, Kolerov did not specify. In addition, the editor-in-chief named actions of the leadership with "arrogant contempt for the tasks of Russia's information warfare on the verge of helping the enemy."

Later editor-in-chief told RTVI TV channel that the media owner appointed a “person from REN TV” to replace the previous CEO Yulia Krizhanskaya. Nobody contacted Kolerov himself about the change of leadership.

What's going on with Regnum. Later, the authors of pro-war telegram channels en masse started protrude in support of the publication. According to their posts, unidentified officials are to blame for the suspension of Regnum's work, who are trying to "muzzle patriotic resources." By versions some bloggers, the Regnum management wants to enter into negotiations with the Ukrainian authorities, "against what the President said."

On the morning of November 3, in the telegram channel Regnum again started publications appear. Whether Kolerov was involved in them is unknown. However, the site's home page still displays a "broadcast suspension" message.

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