Garik Kharlamov told what he does after leaving the post of Comedy host

Some time ago, the comedian announced that he was leaving the post of presenter at the Comedy Club. The showman on social networks said that he does not have any specific plans yet. Right now, he just wants to rest.

According to Kharlamov, now he is in a health resort. The artist did not report on the state of his health and psyche. He calls his current state “retirement.”

“Now I’m going to the procedures. So it’s all good!” he wrote on his blog.

Instead of Garik, Andrei Beburishvili became the co-host of Pavel Volya on the show. After Kharlamov left, criticism appeared against the new member. However, the artist reacted to the attacks on the Web with humor.

Beburishvili noticed that he had been friends with Kharlamov for a long time, and he did not deprive anyone of work for the sake of his new place. The artist added that you should not try to mix work and personal life together.

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