Fuck us too! Kubelk, Turek and Vvra switched on the new and incorrect Vox TV, and the TV arrived

Topics that are taboo in the media world are considered censorship and not political correctness at all. Viewers can watch all of this on the new Vox TV internet television, launched by Petr Kubalk, the author of the YouTube channel of the same name. At the gala gala, he introduced his entire team and a name that would attract attention and controversy, certainly not a necessity.

the spn show of Petr Kubelka, who is, by the way, the great-great-grandson of the world-famous violinist Jan Kubelka, is based on interviews with famous personalities. In the meantime, you taste the m dl spit chili peppers.

The original talk show ended, Kubelk instead started a much more ambitious project. On Tuesday evening in the Trezor club in Prague, he presented the new internet television Vox TV, with which he would like to compete with the dating Stream and in the near future.

Filip Turek with Petr Kubelek

The television will have twenty programs by the end of the year, and the main ones will be the first to introduce themselves at the gala. And there is not the least doubt about what Petr Kubelk meant in his ceremonial speech when he said that his television a lot of people na*ere.

In fact, in addition to him, the current program on Vox TV will include Filip Turek, a former car seducer, who actively comments on the political day. There will be a green activist on the roads from his Poland to the Turk, as a collector of museum pieces of British-made cars, for example, he often does not take napkins with the Green Deal.

Galaveer Vox TV

Dan Vvra, the author of the popular games Mafia and King Come: Deliverance, added an icon to the party. He leads on his talk show Against the Wind, in which he interviewed the historian Vlastimil Vondruka, the writer Ondej Neff and many others under the head of the original channel.

Dana Brov, the Minister of Informatics, is also a member of the dark side.

Popular police officer Petr Reif, who regularly goes to the Los Angeles police LAPD and viewers of Prima know him from the series Policie v akci, or you know martial arts trainer Petr Khru Machek, is also part of the newly emerging TV scene.

One of the central characters of Vox TV is Filip Turek. To his left is project manager Gabriela Sedlkov and police officer Petr Reif.

Petr Khru Machek

Petr Kubelk collected over a million and a half crowns on the HitHit portal for the launch of Vox TV, a number of supporters among well-known personalities. At the galaveer, the rapper eznik, the speaker of the Vclav Klaus Institute and the leader of the Motorist Sob movement Petr Macinka, or the popular reality show Survivor Vladimr Apek with the contestant Adam Raiter were also present at the gala.

Petr Macinka, Filip Turek

Rapper eznk also arrived.

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