From the hands of the pro-Russian Zeman? Never, to Manov about the prize for the father. Their dispute has been going on for years

The legendary anti-Nazi resistance will receive an award in memoriam from the president, but it will be taken by the Minister of Defense Jana ernochov. Man’s daughter Zdena officially announced it a few days ago, in a rather different way.

I was told that my father would be honored by the president. The Minister of Defense Jana ernochov should accept the award, because I refuse to accept it from the hands of the president, ekla server List First Manov.

What happened between them?

The course of the dispute can be traced back to 2018. At that time, Zdena Manova was proposed to the president to be honored as a member of a famous resistance family, she was persecuted and imprisoned. While his father opposed the Nazis, his brothers Ctirad and Josef fought with the communists.

I really don’t see any reason to honor someone just because they are a sister. We can discuss the Manech brothers, but we should not discuss their ancestors in this context, said Zeman on Barrandov TV at the time.

Zdena Manov with Prime Minister Petr Fiala

Zdena Manov declared that it is only a matter of descent and that Zeman does not want to honor anyone from the Manov family. For, she made it clear at the time that if the president ever changed his mind, she would not accept the award from him.

Take nothing from such hands. Never, never, never. Such an individual, who is driving us to the East, to the Kremlin, yes, in my opinion, is unworthy and dangerous, said Manov.

True, Milo Zeman did not even honor his brothers during the following years. So to this day, Zden Manov in Aluduk. It fell on my father at the last moment, i.e. during the last two days of Zeman’s ten-year presidency.

As Manov stated, father Josef, who, together with Vclav Morvek and Josef Balabn, formed the intelligence-sabotage group Ti Krlov, which was followed by a policeman in a Gestapo prison in the protectorate of the press, should be brought to Tom Garrigua Masaryk.

Milo Zeman

Miroslav Zavoral, who served Zeman during the observed period, when he was affected by health problems, will be among the other awardees.

The President did not invite Father Senta Milo Vystrilo to the distinguished reception, it was his fault that he tried to remove him from the Castle during his ill health. The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Markta Pekarov Adamov, did not even receive an invitation.

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