From the corner of Halina Pawlowski’s book: emo pr kilo vece? I’m glad you’re not a saint!

Supplements are everything

Halina Pawlowski (67) is a big fan of mdy. Although I don’t have the figure of a model, don’t be afraid to experiment, go for punchy, funny and playful accessories that are very original, make-up, and then stick to black colors with a cinched waist and a short cut, which will flatter the writer’s figure immeasurably. I don’t even miss perfect make-up, es and manicure.

Smoke, extra kilo does not mean that you can dress up in sails, on the contrary, you have more space to decorate. For one!

Our motivation for the animal: emo for a kilo of stuff? Get used to wearing them.

Halina Pavlovsk

Petra ernock (72) has style and taste even after her seventies. While many would not expect that he will be wearing classic lines, he will combine them with colorful crazy accessories.

Thanks to the fact that it does not go well with extravagance, on the contrary, he always chooses only a striking piece that matches the dark color, looks youthful and does not look shabby. Great trick!


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